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Hey there,

Thanks for the advice! Concerning the right side column with the background, there’s actually going to be a "categories" box there as well that will grow in size as categories are added to it. Unfortunately, since I haven’t gotten around to fixing up the movable type end of things, there aren’t any there yet. But yes, I agree with your comment about the spacing. Once I know the rough height of the cat box, I’ll re-arrange the padding on the bottom to match and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

About the sections – I’ll take out the sections header and see what it looks like. I agree that the list should have it’s own color.. It just makes it difficult because of the sprites that are used as images. I not only have to make the images, but have to add those images to the master sprite image. Which I could do. In terms of the content, yeah, I’m trying to get around to that, but I really want to make sure the template is rock solid along with the code being a simple and clean as I can get it first. I don’t want to run into the problem of having to come back and change something template wise down the road.

I think the link hover color is a good idea, and I did think of it. The only issue I have with it is that the first page is orange, and not many other bright colors go well with it. So, for example, the green looks a little bad on the orange. Red is fine, and blue looks great.