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Nope, it’s not mine. I love type and design but I’m still running through Lynda’s PHP for nitwits series, so all of this is all a learning experience for me. I just want to be able to post my content already.

Since last night, I’ve found a ton of ways to get my content on the front page. And I’ve found many ways to style posts individually.

I can add a class based on the post title and style that way. I can add styles with the art direction plug-in. I can use custom fields and custom classes. All these ways are great and they all give me almost the control I need.

But the only way I seem to be able to change the header and footer content, is to create a static page with my own html code inside. I can do everything I want to, this way. Even have have some pages where I can experiment with HTML5. But I can’t syndicate the content, as pages don’t show up in RSS.

If you view his code, you can see that he has a stylesheet based on the current post. I can do that like this:

ID, “customStyles”, true);
if (!empty($customStyles)) { ?>