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This is really getting frustrating now. I’m setting #pillar-left and #pillar-right to “position:relative” and the bottom pillar bits to “position:absolute; bottom:0”, and by all accounts this SHOULD work, but instead they’re displayed halfway down the page.

The reason for this is that the pillars both have a height of “height:100%”, meaning they take their height from the #mid div… which is exactly 0. Uh… what?

As I understand it, the #mid div should take the height of the content inside it… i.e., the content of #content. But it doesn’t. It’s just “0”.

Could really use some help from some wise CSS ninjas. :(


Ah, I see what you mean now. Unfortunately, it’s not going to suit my purposes… that space isn’t black in the design; it’s got a tiling graphic running down it. Thanks, though.