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No, that page didn’t really seem to help. If you want to see the problem for yourself though, the link is and as you can see the previous and the next buttons at the top change the url, but the posts are the same. To give you some more background, the page is a custom page and the code above is the current loop being shown. I have another loop in the sidebar getting the latest post but I don’t think that should be interfering with it because when I remove it, I still have the same problem.

I think the issue might be the before and next are affecting the url like it’s supposed to, but doesn’t seem to be changing how the loop displays the posts, like they’re unrelated code or something but the syntax seems to be right.

Can anyone give me a basic loop that should grab posts and I can just alter that to fit? I’ve tried some from the wordpress codex but when I try any of the loops it just displays nothing.