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ok after taking a look at the page the information on the images is way too tiny to read, its no wonder it seems blurry. Although it seems like a ton of work to you, it would be best to recreate the information using hypertext, it shouldn’t be as much of a problem. you basically need to figure out the font settings for all the different font sizes in there, then create the css to attach these settings to the information. its probably going to take an h1, and h2, 2 p tags with different id’s and a span tag for the black dividers. The div would also have its own id for the css to make it white with a single line black border. It wouldn’t take you too long to do really after you get the first one done it should be smooth sailing as the heading should stay the same as far as i can see from the existing images. It might even be better this way incase they want to change the information later. If I’ve misread anything about what you want to do, do reply back!