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I know I’ve said I wasn’t trying to be rude numerous times previously but again I apologize if I came off that way. We’re all trying to give our opinions that you certainly don’t agree with.

I think you’re initial post and replies are just confusing. You mention user cases but then you don’t want us to talk about them.

You said, “NOBODY (not me, not you) can determine how users interact with responsive sites, how they want to, and how they need to. That is something that needs to be something we measure by TRYING multiple things (like A/B testing etc.) instead of stating/dictating them.”

In the statement that you’ve written, it basically says that possibly statistics need to tell me how I need to or how I should interact with responsive layouts.

This is certainly not the case for responsive layouts. Not all sites are the same, not all sites behave the same and not all users are the same. Don’t give up on a discussion simply because you’re frustrated. Explain your point further in a professional manner.