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Ian G
"noahgelman" wrote:
Oops, sorry, i left out a few details. Thats my fault. You want an image to stay at the bottom of the div right? The image has to be position:absolute; in order to use bottom:0; and left:0; AND the div it’s in has to be position:relative. I forgot to mention that detail. Sorry.

You are thinking along the lines of what I was, giving relative positioning to the containing div and then absolute positioning to the image to force it down to the bottom corner. Seems like it should be that simple, but it refuses to play nice. I think the problem is that these are table elements and not just standard divs, something about the table characteristics are throwing off my efforts to style them.

If I throw "position: relative" on the td class "views-field-pid-pic" div, and position absolute on the img tag, it actually drops the img div to the bottom of the entire table, rather than the table row. In addition I notice that what I’ve done so far appears different depending on the browser: IE, Safari or Firefox. The combination of table data, table row css I am using has me a bit turned around…