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Thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate it a lot. This was my first time of really trying to design a portfolio site. With most of my the sites I have mainly been a developer.

With this site I was going with the “I want something a bit different” probably a bit too different as the case may be. Also to stay on one page but I can see unless that page is amazing it can be messy. This means lots of refining which isn’t always bad, as now I can learn from this site also.

To be honest the site was slightly rushed as I am attempting to secure a work placement year for University. This site, I see now isn’t really ready for employers to see yet.

I will keep developing this site and keep posting about it. If anyone wants to ever see my work again, some posts would suggest otherwise, keep a look out here.

Hopefully next time I post I will have something where MrKing likes wont be able to be harsh.

Thanks Again Tom