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I agree with the points mentioned above.

A few other observations:

Why call it “Home Page” in the nav bar? Simply “Home” seems better to me.

Your page named “Links” has just one link and it’s not clear how it relates to your site or what one will find there, so there’s nothing to make me want to visit it. Definitely need more links (or no link page at all until you have more), and maybe some indication (could be actual text on your links page, or windows that appear when the links are hovered) of what the linked sites are all about.

The image at top right looks like it’s had the aspect ration skewed. If this was done intentionally to fit into a specific space, I think a better solution would be to crop the photo to the needed width & height proportions.

Your artwork is rather impressive. But your site doesn’t do it justice. A little work bringing the quality of your site up so it’s closer to the quality of your art sounds like it’d be worth the effort.