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> IE took over from Netscape Navigator didn’t it?

With quality or with bundle with Windows? I didn’t used computers at that time (was young) but i can say that IE probably started like a better browser, gained marked share and then started to deteriorates in his dominance and arrogance. That will happen to WebKit too, that is my point. And i don’t care about WebKit but about web developers and web users. They will suffer most from that. WebKit is currently best engine there is no doubt bout that. But will it be in monopoly? With that little years I have and history I know(not web but human history) i can say almost for sure that dominance will bring only stagnation.

> Hasn’t worked so far.

I would not agree. Internet Explorer 10 is pretty good browser. I expect that “Blue” update will bring him more close to Chrome. In terms of speed Chrome is so much under IE10. On High-End PC I got more than 40% faster results on benchmarks in IE 10 than in Chrome. Which is god damn ridiculous result. And in regular use i feel difference in response and i feel it a lot. Still I use Chrome as default browser but future of IE is bright.