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> Unfortunately, I think that’s not necessarily true. Some professionals won’t be able to distinguish a real developer from an amateur.

THAT gets my +1. :)

Just to clarify: my issue is when people think they know enough about coding (whether it’s designers, or back-end devs), and when they get the chance to actually code in a project — because there is the misconception that they know how to code well. Seriously, this is not an uncommon scenario:

Front end dev (upon seeing tables or position absolute everywhere): “WTF, who did this code! That’s not me?!
Project manager: “This back-end dev (or designer) did that, you were busy so I let him/her do it, and he had no issue doing it.
Front end dev: “Ok but it’s really bad practice, I have to fix this.
Project manager: “Nah, it looks/works good, no need to do any more on it!

> I’m not going to hire a bum off the street just because he knows the way around a city. I’m going to hire a professional.

But that’s my point. When a designer learns to code (which is good by itself), it doesn’t take much for a PM to recognize him as someone who can do actual code in a project. Maybe a little less good than the senior coder, but good enough to move the project along.

Try to make an average PM understand why using position:absolute; everywhere on the page is bad practice. It’s not always easy, cause they only care about how it looks on screen right now. :)