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I agree with agree in that it is a professional layout and I like the color scheme. There are a few things that made me scratch my head though..

1.) what is with the pictures of the people partying? Is this a professional site or personal? If you are looking for clients through the site I would worry about putting pictures of your friends at a festival on every page.. Keep it professional I say.. make another site if you want a personal one.

2.)This is a personal thing but I do not like that all of the headers are in all caps, to me it takes away from the design..

3.) keep consistent – the headers again.. some of them have the text at the top.. some at the bottom some left and some right.. and the spacing is not equal on all of them either. The "push it. I Dare Ya" and "See the work" text is different from the rest on the page.

4.) this is truly minuscule but there is an odd off red background dot to the left of the top banner.. I do not know where it comes from but it looks a bit out of place.

These are just small items but.. god is in the details