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I don’t think it really needs much; this is a pretty nice design you have; clean, nicely spaced, great colour choices; and a decent typography choice.

Like ninjacd1 said, you should have photos in the article previews.

The only things that are irking me right now are:

  • The type for the title "Osul News"; try something similar to the logo you have in the top corner of the site, just toned down so it doesn’t distract from it.[/*:m]
  • The icons on "listen up" and "you there". The frankly look like you just grabbed some dingbats; they don’t even have the same feel/style, and the finger pointing off the page doesn’t make sense for "you there!". I say just lose them, after all; you don’t have icons on any of the other panel headings.[/*:m]
  • The arrow buttons on the panels (not the play buttons, the other arrow buttons). They just don’t seem to match the rest of the style. Try an arrow shape rather than a square with an arrow shaped hole for starters. Maybe something similar to the small arrow in the logo, but a bit bigger.[/*:m]
  • The dates. First, you have some in 3/26/10 form, and some in Mar 26, 2010 form. For the font you’re using, stick with the latter one, it looks and reads better if you ask me.[/*:m]
  • Speaking of the dates, the block that hold them need a bit of work. I honestly think you should go with a shape similar to the ones holding the headings of each panel; something organic and with some texture. Again, just make it a more subtle version if you do.[/*:m][/list:u]

    That’s it, just some slight tweaks to the elements. BTW, you should probably do something with the sample music player; it lets you play multiple songs simultaneously, which could possibly annoy people having to stop one themselves before they play another.