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"Mr KiTT3N" wrote:
first set body css to {overflow: hidden;} /// This hides the scroll bars


wrap everything in a div (ie div#wrapper) this is what you going to move

all you have to do know is animate the wrapper


$wrapper = $(‘#wrapper’);
$(‘body’).css(‘overflow’ , ‘hidden’); // change css via js so if javascript isnt allowed users can still use the site

$(#nav a).click(function(){
$wrapper.animate({left: 0px, top: 0px;});

hope that helps

Hi. And thanks for the suggestion! I tried it but couldn’t get it to work. :( So I went back again to try the Fx.Scroll. Still no luck.

Gonna start reading the moo tools series (30 tutorials) from beginning.

Can this effect be done in jQuery? I was hoping to become competent in one or the other. So far, not so good!