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I have 3 more problems now that I can’t seem to figure out. First I need to put a h2 of News above the first post but not on the second two. If I put it with them it adds it to all 3. Next I have my div’s with left and right margins. But with the three posts I can have only left or right. There might be a better way to fix the over all code or is there a way to customize the three posts so the third one will have a left margin and the first and second will have right margins.
Finally, and I am guessing this one will be the simplest thing to fix, I would like to have a read more link after each post.

The link to the page should be the same, and here is the snip-it of my code. I still haven’t switched it over but I am planning on taking this off my index.php page. The part of code that is put as a note is the old static code for the comments.

Welcome to SDA Missions; I am currently databasing all the mission opportunities I can find. With the help of God we can reach the whole world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give opportunities to people wanting to serve. We also want to give each missions an equal opportunity to be shown. We are working to find all the current missions running and place them in an accessible list. We want to match what is needed to someone who has that skillet. Our goal is to uncover the people giving away their time and effort and make it easier for them to get help support and prayer.

Help from Home

Read Pray Share

We know that for some people it isn't possible to leave home. We are busy people and we live in a demanding world. That doesn't mean you can't help out others in need. One of the best ways you can support all these missions and missionaries is by prayer. Read more and find out how you can reach out from home.



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Thanks again for the help. :D