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"Luminated" wrote:
Its not bad but the real first thing I would suggest is getting that header and footer images to either repeat or make it large enough to cover at least 1900px wide.

I’ll have to look at auto scaling of the footer and header so I can have the main elements central but have some form of landscape which expands left and right. Will need to look into how to do that.

"Luminated" wrote:
Otherwise, add some margin space around the in-post pics and you might even try and use pointed corners instead of round on the boxes…the round is nice but it doesn’t seem to be contextually within the rest of the design’s straight-lined feel (even your font choice is very straight lined).

I’ve more images to add so will be sure to add more margin. Thanks for advice on corners, as you say it’s a design related issue which needs testing with pointed corners.
With so many options for fonts it’s difficult at the moment to know what works best. It’s a learning process.

Really appreciate you taking the time to look over the site and offering the advice.