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Of course I would never use it for stuff I do for other people. that’s a given. but when it comes to myself, well, I’d be the one taking the risk… and I just earlier had to think about how not long ago, everybody (including me) “properly closed” their br tags, just to validate – and for what? To now forget that ever happened. Heh.

Not saying this also applies here, but still, just doing what’s right for the sake of some vague notion of doing what’s right is not enough to stop me from at least seriously considering the potential uses of this… (I’m thinking mostly CSS/HTML complexity/size, but also fun and rock’n’roll, plus a way to give IE the finger :D)

[edit: And at the very least, kind of owe it to myself to make a website with no classes, no ID’s, just tags! And make it real pretty too, so that people actually want to look at how it’s made, bwahaha. Hmm I’m sorry, It’s late/early here, I need to go to bed :P]