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I’m not sure how many online communities you’ve been a part of, but going into any forum with the attitude that the responses to your question must adhere to certain guidelines is a really crappy attitude to have and will most likely result in either silence to your question and worse, you not getting the answer that you need.

I find that most of the answers here that are [graciously] given are completely on topic and help the person asking the question not only do what they are trying to do, but expand beyond that. That’s the whole point of trying to move up from a beginner to something more.

If your IRL pickings are slim and you have actual criteria on how you get an question answered online (for free I might add), then I would honestly go buy a book or three and read up on that, since most likely nothing here will satisfy you.

Being “serious” about web design means not being afraid to figure stuff out yourself – that includes actually reading the answers that people give you. People answer because they want to help; you’re seriously going to ask them to frame their answers within some kind of template?

This is all meant as constructive advice, mind you. I love helping others but I also believe in a take what you can get dynamic online.