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Hey guys, I’m back! Sorry for the lack of communication for the past few days; long hours, family and all… But I really appreciate all of your input which has been a tremendous help and motivation to me! I took the time to go through a tutorial from by James Williamson (Up and running with HTML). The guy was fantastic and really provides a good basis for any noob to build upon. The language was very clear and not unnecessarily technical. I feel like I have a little better grasp of the overall picture.

Anyway… in the next few days I’m gonna have to find a way to present an animated background on the homepage, build a cool photo gallery of my sister’s clients, create a Contact Us form…

But for now, here’s where I’m stuck. On the About page, I’m trying to present a summary of her professional philosophy, accompanied by an image.

I created a div tag and inserted the img and txt in there. I’m trying to use CSS to format their positioning and presentation. I used the float[colon]right to wrap the text around the left side of the image. I have 2 problems: a) The text wraps on the same line. b) For some reason I cannot justify the text using text-align[colon]justify CSS property, applied to div.

Any ideas?