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"virtual" wrote:
You are not understanding the basics of clearing floats.
When I looked at your general coding and use of <br /> tags for menu items instead of ul li tags, it seemed to me like you were a novice

So you make those assumptions, basically calling me ignorant and a novice, then you take offence at my tone? lol

"virtual" wrote:
but I guess you are much more expert than me

Just fyi.. When someone is unimpressed with a comment of yours, the better response is to ask yourself why. The poorer (and sadly most common) response is to get all high-horse and assume it’s someone else’s fault.

I found a workaround, which is to set either "overflow:hidden" or "position:absolute" on the template element. This, in effect, gives "responsibility" of the floats to that parent element. Setting "clear:both" within such a parent won’t clear floats outside of it.

That’s a quirk of floats I wasn’t aware of before. Still, it’s a hack… "overflow:hidden" has undesirable side-effects, as does "position:absolute". Thank god for standards, but still, W3C has a long way to go before real-world designers and app devs can relax have an easier time. It’s still a mess in there.