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Just wanted to say thanks virtual. The surreal & cushy CMSs are just the tkt! You are so correct about our friend Google & I ‘ve been saying this for years. It was an early breakthrough for me when I learned I can use computers to learn about computers;)

So the site as envisioned at this point is only 5 to 7 pages. For this reason am going with embedded css… though only at this stage. My thinking is that perhaps all of the css common to the various pages -at some point- should be externalized & except that I will still leave css pertaining to fonts & menu info as embedded. Am I barking up the right tree? Seems this way in viewing the html fer a given page I have the menu & font for that page as "at a glance". Then the external css stylesheet can be used for global changes & I won’t somehow inadvertently change the menu. So far the menu is giving me all kinds of heck though that seems a common issue among us noobs.

Thank you again for your help virtual!