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compared to gnome what? cinnamon is a fork of gnome.

I like it. It’s unobtrusive (which is, I think, one of the best things you can say about a desktop). It feels very “smooth.”

I particularly like the settings editor and panel; I have also noticed that I like the Nemo file browser better than Nautilus. I don’t care for the “Desklets,” but that’s just because I don’t care for the idea in general.

So far (as you can see from above), all my troubles right now are stemming from Win8. The new UEFI crap makes setting up a dual-boot (without completely breaking Windows’ MBR, which I’ve done four times now) a pain in the butt. Plus I had a minor issue with the sound card disappearing, but that resolved itself somehow.

: )


One thing I _do not_ care for is the software manager (MintInstall). It seems unreasonably slow and clunky. That’s largely a non-issue though, since I mostly use `apt-get`.