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Hi Everyone! Great of you to help me. I didn’t think I’d get an answer so quickly. And, Chris you are great to reiterate. The problem here is I’m an beginner. I don’t quite know how to: add classes and id’s to define these specific actions. These items come with documents inside folders that is the code.

My child theme CSS is blank. I can create a folder for the JS and one for all the Images. I assume all of these folders will reside in my Child Theme.

Now, I’ll have…lets say 5 of these items to install, each have their own set of folders (CSS, JS, Images, Fonts, Index.html documents) with content/code. Do I place ‘their’ folder inside my child theme folder(s) or do I place the documents from each of ‘their’ folders inside my child theme’s folders that I’ve created; i.e.: CSS, JS, Images, Font, etc.?

Then, I assume I add code to my wordpress theme, where? In the header for all pages? What code do I place there? I want to use items on specific pages, not on all pages of my wordpressMU site.

Andy, sorry I was vague…it isn’t a theme but: sliders, buttons, tooltips, tables, etc.

The site I’m working on is: