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> I just visited the Whole Foods website and they have a photo that is over 800 kb. It loaded in like half a second. I’m not too worried about it anymore. Thanks everyone!

Dangerous assumption.

For example I live in a rural area so I only have mobile internet to my house rather than fixed line broadband. While it’s acceptable speed wise (3-4mbit/s) I have heavily restricted usage allowance. I can pay a small fortune if I want to use up to 15GB per MONTH. So when I see people making sloppy decisions and chucking in images that are close to a MB in size it’s less than impressive.

Always seek the opportunity to make your code LIGHTER rather than heavier. It’s not as though I live in the 3rd world either. I’m just outside a fairly large city in Canada. Plenty of people don’t have super fast broadband in many parts of the world.