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Chris, if you are referring to the #nav at 805px, I did it simply based on visual. On some pages, 810px was just simply too long — stretched out to the side; don’t know why, but it does.

If you saw the 805px elsewhere, I missed it. Again, alot of what’s done so far is through visual inspection.

Now in regards to the 36 errors, I am assuming you are referring to HTML errors? I don’t know how to use firebug to find the errors yet, so that didn’t help me. However, I did use Dreamweaver to do a site report on the homepage document but only find an empty tag, which I removed. Please bear with me. I am learning.

Googled on how to use firebug to find error, but didn’t see much that’s helpful. What I found that is most relevant is:

But I am not seeing any errors. There must be a more specific way of getting these error reports. Please walk me through the error finding process with firebug, if that is what you used to spot the errors.

As for where did I learn my CSS from? pretty much self learning and from’s tutorials.