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@TheDoc I really love WordPress, to be honest. But, there are a lot of little things that I dislike. One of them being is that you need to add plugins for functionality. Such as custom fields or custom post types. And sometimes something simple that you need is only available from a large plugin that offers other things as well. I like to keep everything structured and organized (you should see the backend of my admin section). I would still use WordPress for clients depending on the size of the project but I prefer how Kirby’s folder/file is structured. Much more than that, I love how the development side of it works. You can use dropbox as a backup service and synchronization. So if you make changes or add new content, Dropbox backs it up but also produces it onto your site. And even though Kirby doesn’t use a DB, you are able to incorporate one for things like a comment-form. I love how flexible it is. And for a personal site, it’s perfect.

Update: One more thing, I absolutely hate that after you’ve deleted a plugin in WordPress, the content stays in the database. I understand the reason for this but I absolutely dislike it.