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I agree Sean. Clients want something that is simple to manage, and a CMS is necessary here. But CMS’s also make coding much more difficult because now you have to play with their code. Nonetheless, I wasn’t telling you not to use one, I think you misunderstood what I was stating. I was just stating what the implications of them are, that’s all. Nonetheless this has nothing to do with the problem you stated.

Comparing web designers is like comparing fingerprints in that no two are alike. I’ve looked at thousands of people’s code over the years, and none is the same, not so much as one. You want these images “dynamic?” what exactly are you trying to do? You want the images to render appropriately at different resolutions, screen sizes? If thats the case then just do what I stated to begin with, “contain”, or “cover.” Thats all you have to do. And then test the pages on multiple resolutions. My pictures render fine on my Galaxy sII or my 27in widescreen monitor, and anything inbetween. As far as the dynamic thing goes, you didn’t state what you meant by that. If you meant an image that adapts to the resolution, thats the answer I gave you.

You can change the image resolutions with or photoshop till you get it right.