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OK, here goes…

Joomla has these things out of box that wordpress doesn’t

  • URL rewriting
  • URL redirect management
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • bulk emailing
  • ACL (customise groups for users, writers, readers, etc)
  • Banner management
  • Contact manager
  • inter-user private messaging
  • web-link management
  • breadcrumbs

  • Article settings (for each article, as well as globally)

    • Customise the ‘Read more…’ text
    • Featured article (gives prominance to article)
    • Configure the front-end edit screen view
    • Specify in-article intro text (not an extra blurb) as well as page-breaks
    • Meta data – description and tags
    • Robots instruction
    • Content rights
    • Who can view it (ACL)
    • Turn on/off

      • Titles
      • Linked Titles
      • Show Intro Text
      • Show Category
      • Link Category
      • Show Parent
      • Link Parent
      • Show Author
      • Link Author
      • Show Create Date
      • Show Modify Date
      • Show Publish Date
      • Show Navigation
      • Show Icons
      • Show Print Icon
      • Show Email Icon
      • Show Voting
      • Show Hits
      • Show Unauthorised Links
      • Positioning of the Links

Menu items can link to any of the following (* items are also available in wordpress menus, some functions are performed by default widgets)

  • Contacts

    • List All Contact Categories
    • List Contacts in a Category
    • Single Contact
    • Featured Contacts

  • Articles

    • Archived Articles (a widget for WP does this)
    • * Single Article *
    • List All Categories (a widget for WP does this)
    • * Category Blog *
    • Category List (a widget for WP does this)
    • Featured Articles
    • Create Article
    • Smart Search
    • * Search *
  • Newsfeeds

    • List All News Feed Categories
    • List News Feeds in a Category
    • Single News Feed
    • Search
  • * Search Form or Search Results *
  • Users Manager

    • Login Form (a widget for WP does this)
    • User Profile
    • Edit User
    • Profile Registration Form (a widget for WP does this)
    • Username Reminder
    • Request Password Reset
  • Weblinks

    • List All Web Link Categories
    • List Web Links in a Category
    • Submit a Web Link
  • Wrapper
  • Iframe Wrapper
  • System Links
  • * External URL *
  • Menu Item Alias
  • Text Separator

If I have made any mistakes, please don’t flame me, it is not intentional. Corrections are welcome,

This is a quick list of all the things I can think of that are not done by a default WordPress install that a default Joomla install does. I was going to do a default install of each one, but have not got the time, energy or inclination.