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Andy Staple
"intuitionhq" wrote:
I also really like the look and feel of the site, but a couple of things I noticed too (since you are asking for feedback!):

1) The white text with the image behind it can be a bit difficult to read. Not impossible, but could be easier.

2) I feel the information in the contact form could be laid out easier. If it was a bit clearer I think you might find you’d get more enquiries. Also I think you should have your email address displayed on this page somewhere here in case people don’t want to use the contact form. Lastly, you give three price ranges for people to choose from. This might artificially affect peoples budgets. You could make this a field where any numeric value could be entered.

3) The ‘About Us’ page – if you just want to list one person, maybe change the text from ‘Our Team’ – maybe it’s just me but it feels a little funny when I see our team only has one person listed. Maybe could use some text like ‘Founding Partner’ or something like that?

Anyway, that’s just nitpicking, it really is a nice design. Good luck with the site. And keep us in mind if you ever have questions about usability! Hehe.

All the best!

Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely take them into account.