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I would remove the texture on the background and add a little more shades of color with what you have now. I would also work on the text type – try something different to compliment the design.

Your services section could be condensed. Your PSD to ? could all be one section. HTML5 and CSS3 kind of goes with the web design. I would completely remove “cheap and affordable”. That makes you seem unprofessional. If it were me, I would have 3 blocks. Web Design, Logo Design and PSD to ?.

With the gallery of your portfolio and the cat thing, I think it would look better if you tried a different hover approach. I prefer that it shows the color right off the start.

Your form would look better if it were aligned to the grid on the left. With the other section, I wouldn’t make the text align to center but rather left. I would also align the icons and text to the left as well so it all matches up with the map.

Hope to see what you come up with. Best of luck.