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Hey, I see what you mean, basically you don’t want the enter graphic cutting the dots when you resize. I thought of one immediate way around this. I don’t know if its the best way but it should work. If what is on there is all thats supposed to be on there in the final page, then here’s how i would do it. I would put the graphic to be centered in a div of its own. I would then make one div above where i want the graphic to be, a div on either side of the graphic and then one below it. Then put it all in one div wrapper. I would then apply the repeating patters to the divs around the centered graphic, then set the wrapper div’s height and width by percentage so it resizes with the window, if I’m correct, the divs within it should also take on that attribute, so resizing the window should resize all the divs. I shall try it myself tomorrow and post back, but if you understand what I’m saying and try it yourself, do post back with a reply. Alternatively, someone more experienced than me will possibly have a better way to do it and post here too!