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"Ramesh" wrote:
still i can see the css code is same like it was before you just apply my property to your css

if you go here and check the css file

ramesh, you need to give people time to get on with their life, they will code when they got time, or ask back when they can’t do it.

, you do need to clear the floats, your featured & honour are floated, so you need to clear these.

you could do it with inline CSS, by adding this line of HTML after the div after the table:
<div style="clear:both"></div>

or you could add a clear class to your CSS like so:

and your HTML should look like this:
<div class="clear"></div>
although I like to add a comment into it like so: <!– force for IE –></div> I noticed a problem with a line I made and it never worked in IE without something in the div, so a comment done the job to force IE to behave

good luck