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@springlab – *high five, you get it!*

– Sorry if that stung. It wasn’t meant to be personal; but I’m ‘passionate’ – generic, I know – about the web. -bro hug-

Here’s the rub; Professional designers often get miffed because clients often think things like, “Hey, don’t little John down at the Speedway have himself a copy of Photoshop? I’m pretty sure he could do us a mighty fine web-cite in no-time, and we’d only have to give him a couple coupons to CHUCK-E-CHEESE and this free laser keychain I picked up at that conference for douchebags we went to last weekend! DUR-HUR!”

This client-side logic problem makes designers whiny. “But whyyyyyyyyy don’t they just get it?! I demand respect because I understands grid systems, accessibility, and the finer points of web type. Photoshop doesn’t mean you understand the web, and it doesn’t make you a professional!”

Then, and this is what astonishes me, they (er, uhm, ‘we’) go down to our friendly local Apple store and wait in line for ‘status’ products. We then expect that these same status products will make us and our work more credible. Surely everyone can see the problem here. When this industry complains about joe-photoshop, but expects status products to bolster credibility, we’re contributing to the problem and are guilty of the same offense. The web community is so much better than this.

Does anyone really believe that a thousand years ago, in the sculptor community, everyone had a specific brand of chisel that brought along ‘status’ with it? Nope, it never happened. Industrialization started this, and American consumerism empowered this behavior.

The growing perception when a guy whips out a Macbook is, “uh-oh, this dude could be a douche-bag.”