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Ok so I separated the divs out and everything seems to be positioned ok. Now I have another issue and I don’t know whether I’ve done something wrong or it is indeed an issue (probably the former). Anyway, in IE the slider renders fine as I need it. In Chrome and Firefox however, either the container div or images are displaying, what looks like, the same height as the width eg. my width is set to 960px and it looks like the content is being stretched to 960px high. I’ve looked around in the css for any coding anomaly but I can’t see anything.

Any suggestions as to what it might be (I appreciate I haven’t pasted the code but it would seem to be too much coding to make it sensible pasting it?)

PS. what I’ve also just noticed is that the “slider” div, doesn’t show as a child in it’s container div, even though it’s definitely contained inside it. I can’t see why it’s not recognising it as part of the container div either. I may need to post the code after all!