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Just another thing i’ve thought to say after reading that related post someone linked. I have to agree with what someone posted there about a portfolio being good but not required.

Sure if you are wanting to get clients through people browsing your site while looking for a web designer then yes, you need to be able to show your work to them without them contacting you for it, because otherwise they’ll just move onto another site that doesn’t require them to contact anyone to see the work examples.

I remember my first couple of clients were just friends of family and also a couple of people who I approached and offered my services very cheaply telling them that I was just starting out and therefore happy to charge a lot less than most web designers would given that it would be helping me get my business off the ground.

So long story short James, Yes everyone here who has said you need to get a portfolio set up is 100% correct BUT don’t think thats the only way, get some business cards made up (they are really cheap) give them out to EVERYBODY you meet, telling them that your a new web designer looking to build up your portfolio and get experience. You may not get a lot of work but it will be a start :)