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I agree, what too much blue going on there. Plus, there’s not real design going on there, just content contained into boxes. I would get ride of the blue backgrounds. I mean I understand that it’s a AL website, but honestly it’s forgetable and looks a lot like page created by a novice hosted by geocities circa 1996.

Your left nav is good, save for the thing that others mentioned with too much blue! Or at least too much at that burning bright blue shade.

I’d get rid of the scrollable box too. They become annoying because now you have two scroll bars on your page. Can be a usability issue for some older/less experienced users not being able to understand why the page isn’t scrolling when they are using the "normal" scroll bar.

Also, on your content text, take off the bolding. The bigger font is fine, since I assume a lot of people using it will be older users, but the bolded text actually makes it less easy to read.

I think the main problem here is there is no real "design" going on. Everything is flat. Maybe giving the header a nice gradient or subtle patterned background would help. And changing the font and alignment of the name/address may help too.