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First of all, thanks to everyone for your feedback. I should have some time to work on the items you suggested this weekend, so I’ll check back after then to see what you think.

There were a couple of common themes, so I’ll address those quickly:

  1. Font Choice: I’ve changed my fonts quite a bit as I’ve been designing, and I’ve never been too happy with them. I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t just me, though. I’ll be combing typekit for some new combinations that will do a better job of complimenting each other.
  2. Color Scheme: I realize that the site in general is fairly gray. My hope was that using neutral colors for the background and nav/footer would make some of the more colorful content elements (i.e. images, lists of projects and “stuff I like”) stand out a bit more. Since it was a common note though, I’ll definitely play around with adding some more color and/or gradients to make it look less drab.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate it!