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Apparently I’m the only one on the planet to abhor jsFiddle. If you have a test server, why wouldn’t you just supply a link? With web developer tools one could find the problem in seconds (instead of the constant ‘fiddling’ with Fiddle).

I took some time with it anyway and the reason the list items are so tall is because moving an element with relative positioning, as you have with the text and .meta, retains its original position in the layout.

I would do something along these lines (I’d give the actual css if not dealing with jsFid): Float the numbers left, remove all relative positioning (in the menu), set meta to have a line-height of 9px and padding:0 (remove the left padding). You may need to give the li a fixed width. Oh and there’s no such display value as block-inline, its inline-block which is being over-ridden by the float anyway…