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@sl1dr As far as I know, the discussion of different types of positioning simply changes what attributes like “left” and “top” are relative to. I want a bunch of content, hypothetically wrapped in a div, to always hug the rightmost side of this header/banner. Thus, as someone shrinks the page (up to a certain point) or reduces their resolution (again up to a certain point), the “absolute” value of the content’s position will have to change. In a fullscreen 800×600 window, it might be at 600,0 (assuming it has a width of 200). But as they load the page on a widescreen 1280×800 monitor, it will be located at 1080,0.

So, how could I achieve that effect with absolute positioning and no floats? I’m guessing its some simple attribute I’m overlooking?

Also, take this question as a simple hypothetical response to your mantra =) as opposed to specifically citing my code. I’ve learned a lot (but clearly not enough) in the last month and made numerous improvements.