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i haven’t been able to find anyone who can help me so far

I’m not sure which forums you’ve posted in already but it seems that you’re relying on somebody who already has a working knowledge of this “impress.js” library to jump in with assistance. I have to say that your chances of finding that in an unrelated coding forum, with only a vague description to go on, are slim. In the first instance, folks are likely to point you to the source website to either ask these questions in their forums, or ask the developer directly. But if you’ve already done that without response, and you want to try your chances out in the wild, you should at least provide a minimal demo in CodePen to show us unknowing souls what we’re up against, and give us a live example to tinker with. Note that we don’t need your whole codebase; We only need the very basics to illustrate the problem. Once we have that from you, the chances of receiving a helpful reply should improve, although I can’t say with any real certainty until we have actual code to assess. It doesn’t sound too difficult on face value, but then we all know how “seems easy enough” can quickly escalate once an unfamiliar codebase lands at the door. And the prospect of learning the workings of a 3rd party plugin could put many web devs off unless you plan on paying for their time.

But back to your simplified CodePen demo… if you can get a link to that posted, we’ll be in a better position to assess and/or suggest fixes.