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Can you mock-up a basic demo in CodePen?

I understand what you’re trying to do but I’m not sure that it will work the way you want at this stage, even if you were to separate the “taps”. What I mean is that I would expect to see the full hover effect you describe, on iPhone, via a tap-and-hold gesture, and unfortunately I don’t, so I’m not convinced that there is the full hover effect to separate from the hyperlink activation, the way it’s currently coded. But I can’t be sure because I can’t see your code in order to run isolated tests. A basic demo in CodePen would help with that.

A reduced demo would attract more responses (the prospect of poking about in a full codebase via dev tools puts folks off) and more easily highlights to us the HTML markup, CSS and/or JS being used. I can’t tell (from iPhone) for example, if you’ve created the hover effect with CSS or JS, but saying so won’t really help much here – the pertinent code, shown upfront, will. Help us to help you.