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Oh, yes many thanks for you effort, I appreciate. Of course since my previous post, I’v changed “px” to “vw”, and I could see it’s working. But my goal is different.
I would mean “how to start from vw to px a the end…”

And, since my first post, I did some research and found MagicScroll plugin. This plugin does exacly what I’m looking for, but now comes an other issue : I did a reduced test case :

My goal is simple : I’m trying to glue the two border from bottom header to top main, and while scrolling until 100px (the height header), the header could work like a sticky header…
Maybe it demands a little knowledge about MagicScoll, but I’m wondering if the concept is good : start to vw, end to px, get glue to main and after 100px, be sticky…is possible ?