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Hit up Google for examples of what’s highlighted;

JS innerHTML

JS textContent

PHP include

Unfortunately I don’t use WordPress so I couldn’t tell you how to go about inserting custom JS, or PHP files, or if you need a custom plugin for inserting PHP like you do in Joomla. I imagine the JS method will be easier to implement; there’s probably a place in the template (via a template editor or directly in the template files) where you can insert your own scripts, but bear in mind the output (the £200,000 text) will only be seen in the browser. It could also fail if JavaScript fails to load for some reason. You might also experience problems with caching if you decide to do it from an external .js file; where changes to the .js files don’t automatically load without a hard-refresh, which your users won’t know to do. You can overcome this with various cache-busting techniques though (something to research via Google). I’d see if you can do it with an inline script first. Better still, go the PHP route instead because the output will be knitted into the source code of the web page as it leaves the server, so it wouldn’t be subject to the same limitations that JS can be.