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Looking at the HTML-markup, what is different there is a missing wrapper <div class="labelWrap">.

Which amounts to the same phenomenon: the wrapper element for the image should be a block-level element to prevent the image from escaping it’s parent-wrapper.

There are other image modules with parent links lacking this <div class="labelWrap"> as well, but there the overflowing is saved by the next sibling text block within a <p> tag: again a block-level element. That is just a lucky stroke. This is just one of those things one should be aware of with making layouts with floats. The habit of making image-wrappers block-level elements will always make the code more sturdy.

Do you use “inspect element” with browser’s build in DevTools? If so one can see the wrapper collapsing to zero height.
Have you considered making the website responsive, and/or using flexbox for the modules?