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I made a try with double a, didn’t move a hint

Sorry, “aa” doesn’t seem to be a valid alpha transparency code either

I’m not a WordPress user so I don’t know how or where you modify the styles, but have you tried your selectors with an obvious colour change – something like .branding-wrapper { background-color:red }, just to see if your selectors work?

Or how about going with the better-supported rgba() syntax? I don’t know what percentage transparency you’re going for but try .branding-wrapper { background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.35) } for 35% white

But bear in mind that giving an element a transparent-white background, when its positioned over/inside an element that also has a solid-white background, will not make a jot of visual difference. For example, your .site-header element has a background-color of solid-white, and the .branding-wrapper element (that you’re trying to make transparent-white) sits inside/over it, so you’ll need to target both in your efforts for overall transparency. Maybe make .site-header completely transparent before you try to give .branding-wrapper a semi-transparency.