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Was it 3 days? I thought it was four (plus some nights).

But you are probably right with what you say about the learning curve of this stuff in general. But since you only give 7 days to decide and get a refund, one has to hurry up with Perch.

For setting up MAMP, there is a tiny real world detail to know, which is provided by Chris Coyier in his Screencast on MAMP, because he obviously stumble into that same pitfall.

I think it would be a good idea to provide help for such real world pitfalls into a support documentation, when they have an effect on using your product. Even if that means giving support about someone else’s App. Like some people do, when they give a hint if things work differently on Mac or Windows. Its not a big deal, but it can help with the little things, that can drive you nuts and take for hours. The answer from the Perch support was basically: Ask the MAMP support. Now, that might be correct, but there is a better way to handle these things, especially when you praise yourself with your support.

Yes, I was happy with the support a user on your forum gave.

As for usability, I think this page is a good example of what I mean:

Its a wall.

Yes, there are video tutorials but they have the same character as your support answers. They don’t help so much if you are not a developer, who already knows the concepts of a CMS in more detail than just in general. If you want to address customers that aren’t full stack developers, than you might want to consider this problem.

And maybe this was my biggest misunderstanding. I hoped that Perch would give me, as being a beginner, an entrance into that. But it just didn’t.

Now, I don’t mean to troll Perch here. I also gave you some of my thoughts on improving your documentation and tutorials in an email. I would be glad if it was helpful.