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Still looking forward to any input on that. :-)

Although I’ve sort of decided I’ll be using the head for feature test on unit calculation (throw some viewport units in the mix for old Android as well). Seems odd but valid.

Now let me switch back gears to requesting Android feedback. Because I’m very curious about how far forward the issue goes that I’m having with 2.3 and the stock Android browser. Which is that using jQuery plugins and referring to $.fn.myplugin will utterly break the script, not even to be stopped by using a try block.

I can fix it with some PHP browser sniffing (that’s a must unfortunately because it requires a different script and link) but I’d like to minimise that as much as possible. Not having implemented that fix yet, any feedback based on Android versions going from 3.0 to 4.4 stock browsers (where stock becomes Chrome) on this page would be very welcome:

What I’m currently seeing in 2.3 is nothing but the dark background image…

The only clue I’ve found is that jQuery itself claims support from 4.0 on but without using such a plugin as mentioned (easing.js is one that uses $.extend), everything works fine.

Thanks again in advance.