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I guess he’ll sleep a bit less comfortably but as least he won’t catch a cold with his bottom all exposed. Lol.

I find the JS quite interesting, especially the throttle function because it is something I’ve been recently fiddling with myself as well.

(function(window, undefined) {

window.vial = {};

vial.restrain = function(delay, callback) {

var loop, executed = 0;

function moduleWrap() {

    var elapsed =;

    function runIt() {
    executed =;
    callback.apply(this, arguments);

    if (elapsed > delay) runIt();

    loop && clearTimeout(loop);

    loop = setTimeout(function() {
    callback.apply(this, arguments);
    }, delay+100);

return moduleWrap;


$(window).resize(vial.restrain(100, someFunction));

Plus I’ve been creating a small library lately, a single window object called vial where all other functions and info is deposited. This has the advantage that the methods can be used outside an anonymous function.

Admittedly the basics were extracted from Ben Alman’s plugin. I would’ve never come up with a “forwarded” function using apply myself.