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Looking at your form, you have a # in the action attribute, which can be used to submit to the same page in conjunction with a JavaScript handler. I see that there is a checkforblank() function but does this also submit the form to a process script (via AJAX)?

If your page is a PHP page (or ASP or other server-side script), it could be submitting to itself, assuming that there is some sort of processing script within the the same page?

Otherwise I would expect the action attribute to link to a file that contains a processing script. If that were the case, it would looking something like this <form method="post" action="process-form.php" onsubmit="return checkforblank()">

Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that you should have some sort of processing script that does something with the submitted form data. You would usually put a page redirect there – at the end of the script after your processes have executed. In your case, the part of the processing script that deals with the “Create an account” submission would redirect to your Registrer.html page (although it’s unlikely to work in a .html page unless your server has been setup to parse PHP/ASP in .html pages).