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I noticed when I allow the default for Windows to save, it always saves as .JPG. Just when I thought I had my images and about me page set up, I went to check it and it, again, lost the format. That is using the absolute path.

I can even use the link to the image in my test pages on my computer’s test pages, and reference my web images and it works fine.
I have been looking into reducing my code by combining the CSS formats and found I could use a select statement; the only difference is styling the select inside the HTML element.

For example:
<select runat=”server” id=”select”>
<option value=”A” style=”background-color: white;”>White</option>

That would reduce my CSS sheet; but increase my HTML code. This is one of the issues I had from the start; we have PHP, CSS, and JS to perform the same task; I went to ask the best practice on other forums and, because it is opinion, they wouldn’t allow it. If I am using an index.php, should I stay with php for all possibilities? I really need to go back to my saved schoolwork for Unix Fundamentals and see if there’s something else I could do to make my codes better.

That’s not hyperbole, I said file, this could mean a link to resources (such as my IE favorites), a simple .txt file. Most of my files are repeated because I did not know about centralizing Bootstrap; I copied my Bootstrap files to each of my pages, and backups. I had deleted over 200GB files that were mostly the same files.

Because I had only 3 weeks to go, I needed to make sure I could revert back to the last working code in the event I had catastrophic failure. I just overdid it because I had saved the files on OneDrive, a thumb drive, my documents folder, and backups in various users.

As you seen in my codes, I overdo things. I had over 800 IE favorites for resources, those are still referred to as files in my explorer. Like I said though, I had 20 Bootstrap files that were the same. Once I learned that I only needed one, I had deleted most of them.

I could not afford to waste time on trying to make my paths work, it was easier/faster to just copy the folder and place it in the folder for the page I was working on. I had used 400/500 GB of my computer space. After cleaning it up, I’m around 9Gb (that’s just files on my thumb drive).

I would not had these issues if I had better guidance, chose better decisions, and had more experience.